Project Description

Kronlund Coast to Coast



Company:  Kronlund Coast-t0-Coast
Consultant:  Michele Kronlund

How to contact me:
Phone:  243-279-3766

I can save you time and money while getting premium, exclusive products. By providing in-depth skin analysis I can ensure you get the best product for your skin type. I pride myself in giving personalized service, am happy to answer your questions, and will discuss shipping options that meet your needs.

Exclusive brands include Nutrilite®, the world’s leading brand of vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements (based on 2011 sales), Artistry®, Artistry is rated #1 on the Oh Top Ten Best Cosmetic Companies!

Plus Ribbon®, our gift and incentive program that makes gift-giving a snap and more. From Perfect Empowered Water™ to Legacy of Clean™ home care, has it.