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Company:  Divorce Network
Owner:  Jamie Thomas

How to contact me:
Phone:  253-752-9101

Divorce Network‚ĄĘ works with women who want to truly understand their divorce rather than just being lead through the process.¬† We educate first, teaching the basics about the legal, financial, personal and¬†practical aspects of divorce‚ĄĘ.

The company was founded on the belief that every woman has the right to know what will happen to her, and her children, before, during and after the divorce is final.

Along with that right is the woman‚Äôs responsibility to make herself aware of all options available to her before agreeing to a settlement.¬†Awareness comes through education¬†– not only knowing the answers but knowing the questions she must ask to make sure that she gets all of the necessary information prior to signing any papers. Divorce Network‚ĄĘ provides the direction – a kind of road map – through the maze of the divorce process.