Project Description


Company:  DanetteSkinCare
Owner:  Danette Green
How to contact us:
Phone:  253-686-4137

NeriumAD is an amazing product that is delighting people everywhere, a product that will help you look younger.

NeriumAD is all about:

  • Real Science – A group of scientists were doing some advanced research on the uses of the Nerium Oleander plant and accidentally discovered how, when applied to the skin wonderful anti-aging results were produced.
  • Real Results – Nerium’s premium ingredients combine to nourish your skin and bring about
    • Reduction in wrinkles and fine lines
    • Reduction of age spots, blemishes and and uneven skin tones
    • Reduction of enlarged skin pores
  • Real People – Created by real people for real people, with real people being proof of Nerium’s undeniable results.
  • Real Opportunity – You can be a part of Nerium International, a company that  is all about relationship marketing. It is a family of people who believe in smart business, believe in their destiny, and believe in their product.
    • You can become a Nerium Brand Partner: “Nerium Brand Partners represent an exclusive line of products for which there are no competitors. This creates a lucrative selling opportunity in the booming multibilliondollar skincare and anti-aging market.” – Dennis Windsor, President & Co-Founder